Who we are

Millcorp is grain trading company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Millcorp develops around 3 key driver activities: origination, trading and marketing/distribution. 

Our focus is on 3 flagship products: soft wheat, durum wheat and corn.

We trade 1.5 million tons of agri-commodities per year by sourcing mainly focused on Sicily and Azov-Black Sea region (with 3 different origination teams located in Ukraine, Russia and Italy). We bring cargos to North and West Africa as well as various Black Sea and Mediterranean destinations capitalizing on a large network of privileged partners.

Strategy of differentiation

Our main strategy of differentiation is to reduce the chain of intermediaries building a strong one-actor connection between producers and final consumers.

Millcorp has managed to establish itself as a new and disruptive player in a  market mainly monopolized by production and trading giants.

We are driven by a mission, first of all ethical: to serve regions that are in scarce of agri-products by sourcing it directly from the best in class high quality producers, thus rebalancing supply and demand.


Over the past two years, Millcorp has tripled its workforce and has grown exponentially by as much as 300% in terms of trade volumes by developing both existing markets and new geographies. This strong development was made possible due to the high business expertise of our teams, their deep knowledge of target regions, as well as values of commitment, excellence and transparency on which Millcorp has based its corporate culture


Our strong business connection with one of major milling groups on the African continent, with annual crushing capacity 700 000 tons and 300 000 tons, of storage allows Millcorp to benefit from a coupled trade-industry approach, making this symbiosis a source of value creation.