Our assignments

Food security as a starting point

Emerging from the African agro-industrial sector, Millcorp's main mission is to supply agri-products to highly dependent on import countries. We strive to provide balanced and long-term solutions to our partners, identifying the demographic and economic challenges inherent in grain and oilseed requirements.

Africa as a high point

The change in consumption habits together with significant population growth in Africa lead to  massive imports of grains and oilseeds. All this makes Africa an undeniably key trading continent for decades to come.

Millcorp focuses on dual approach: cointegration between industry and trading within agri-sector and pan-African group approach aiming to build regional champion in the continent. Thus, Millcorp benefits from the advantages of vertical integration of its activities and of loyal and regular market supplies.

Distribution of small volumes as a key point

Millcorp has initially distinguished itself focusing on small volume sales on our origination markets. Our teams in Ukraine and Russia mainly address transactions of 3,000 to 10,000 tons.

Another important point related to our strategy lies in the choice of a distribution approach in destination markets, such as Egypt or Morocco where we store large volumes of grain for third parties and sell it locally in packages of 1,000 tonnes. This strategy is highly suitable for counterparties who want to limit their exposure in terms of cash flow and/or have small industrial production levels. It allows them to benefit from the tariff advantages of international markets without committing significant volumes.

Our products

Millcorp has an acknowledged expertise in high quality hard and soft milling wheat, maize, and concentrates most of its activities around these 3 of the most demanded grains.
Today, these 3 types of grains are at the base of world’s daily nutrition

Hard Wheat


Durum wheat, mainly grows in dry climates such as Italy, Spain, Canada and Kazakhstan. Since it cannot be milled to flour because of resistance of the grain to milling, in particular of the starchy endosperm, it is mainly used for the production of couscous and pasta from its semolina.

Soft Wheat


Soft wheat grows in different countries around the world, especially in the large plains of Ukraine. This grain is highly valued for many health characteristics and, also economically – offering a high production yield due to its bad weather resistance and adaptation to various climate changes. It is mainly intended for human consumption and is used by flour millers.



Corn is one of the most widely grown cereals. It is considered as both nourishing and digestible food due to many nutrition benefits – its vitamins content, as a source of protein, fat and fiber.