Our team

The flexibility of our organization, its growth, as well as acquired special regional niche expertise – allow us to bring on board experienced well-known and respected professionals as well as attract to our team young talents from all over the world. 

All highly qualified experts in their fields – the squad of Millcorp specializes in 3 main branches of business, becoming source of efficiency for each of our operations.



Our team of senior traders manages purchases of commodities directly from producers or shippers. Established validation process allows the immediacy and strong control over both purchase and sale transactions.

Risk Management and Execution


The Execution and Risk Management teams are responsible for the proper application of procedures. They carefully monitor compliance of all our transactions with sanitary and other standards, carry out rigorous control on every element of logistic chain, and ensure optimization of third-party contracts. They are the pillars that guarantee limited exposure to risks for the duration of each operation as well as a high-end quality execution.

Business development


Each member of our development team has a niche expertise (regional and/or extensive product market knowledge). Together our developers constantly strive to define and conquer new markets for Millcorp to bring value.